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Oysters 101

OYSTERS 101 How much do I need oysters per person? Appetizer 6-12 In a cocktail 12 In an oyster party 24-36 How long can I keep my oysters? Your oysters were harvested less than five days ago on average, they remain alive for three weeks. Store them in a bowl with a damp cloth over them. How do I know if my oysters are still good? A fresh, juicy oyster with no unpleasant smell. A pleasant sea scent on the nose. How to open oysters? Follow us on facebook where you will find demonstration videos. More info about oysters coming soon because we can talk about them for ever ;-)  

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Caviar 101

CAVIAR 101 What type of caviar do I order from The denomination caviar is reserved for sturgeon eggs, you will find Caviars from different sturgeon species. How many types of sturgeon? It is important to know the different species well. Their common names and their Latin names must be affixed to each caviar you buy. In order of fame we find nc: The Beluga - nl: Huso Huso nc: L'osciétra nl: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii nc: The Siberian Acipenser baerii nc: Lake sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus nc: Shortnose sturgeon nl: Acipenser brevirostrum nc : White sturgeon nl: Acipenser transmontanus. CONSERVATION How long can I keep my caviar? All our caviars are sold with a best before date. You can keep them in...

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Do you know Collioure?

I lived and obtained my cooking diploma in this region. Located on the Spanish border between Perpignan and Figueras. Collioure and renowned for its breathtaking scenery, its fireworks, its wines and especially for its anchovies.   Collioure anchovy was the first product I chose to introduce to Quebecers after seeing a preface by Honoré Beaugrand in Chasse Galerie where he spoke of the similarities of characters between Catalans and Quebecers.   This year the house roques celebrates its 150 years of existence. With know-how transmitted for five generations, the Roques house is one of the last artisanal anchovy factory in France. Anchovy fillets in oil are the traditional preparation known and recognized by all anchovy lovers. The anchovy fillets in...

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