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"Perlita" a Caviar with a French touch

Everyone is familiar with the Aquitaine region in southwestern France. The latter is very popular for Bordeaux wines. During the golden year, the Gironde river was one of the largest producers of wild sturgeon caviar in Europe. The decline of the population and the man's footprint destroyed the last chance for the sturgeon of the Aquitaine basin to regenerate. It is from this region that Caviar Perlita comes.

Craftsman Breeder of Perlita Caviar

Hidden in the middle of the Landes forest, the L'Esturgeonnière aquaculture farm, which produces Caviar Perlita, has existed since the early 1990s. It is one of the three pioneering companies in this sector and the only one in France to have been built everywhere for the rearing of sturgeons. The activity then focused on the production of sturgeon meat and not caviar.

During its 25 years of existence, significant work has been carried out to develop caviar production capacity and make traceability a central priority for the company. As a result, 4 tonnes were produced two years later.

"Egg to Egg" producer

The hatchery, which is called Nurseteich, was built in 2008. The group becomes the first in France to control the entire production cycle on a single site. It starts from reproduction to packaging, including fry and breeding in different basins, guaranteeing detailed and rigorous traceability. It's more than 100,000 Acipenser Baeri fry are born in the hatchery in early spring and grow there until early summer. After that, only 35,000 of the females are selected, and 8 or 9 years later, between 7,000 and 7,500 females will produce 4 tonnes of caviar.

Caviar Perlita's environmental commitment

Sustainable development and respect for the environment are among the strong values ​​of the Perlita brand. Located in the heart of a pine forest, the company pays particular attention to it and has undertaken significant work to enhance a geothermal source discovered during drilling. This geothermal energy makes it possible to maintain the water temperature constant during the winter period, an essential element for the well-being and growth of sturgeons and a regular production of caviar. It has also chosen clean and totally renewable energy to establish a large project between 2004 and 2006. The installation complies with environmental standards and allows fish growth in more than one area field, half a hectare of ponds.

Today, it is proud to have an exemplary wastewater treatment plant on a European scale, combining mechanical filtration at 35 microns coupled with biological filtration on fluidized beds, allowing the water to exit into the natural environment with the same qualities as when he arrived. The farmed sturgeons thus constantly evolve in clean and pure water, at a constant temperature, without any discharge having any impact on the environment. The livestock manure thus collected is used for soil fertilization or the manufacture of compost.


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