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The Sweet Oyster Co.

The story of The Sweet Oyster Co. 

In 1854, after 13 trips around the world, the British sailor John Sweet and his family arrived in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Captivated by its beauty, the Sweet family decided to settle in Cascumpec Bay, work and test the land until they find the perfect area to establish their farm and harvest the best possible products.


This generational desire to embrace nature and to cultivate only the best crops has been transmitted to the current generation of Sweet’s.

They are proud to have extended this campaign to the nutrient-rich waters of Cascumpec Bay where they harvest high-end oysters from Prince Edward Island.

Sweet Oyster Company is proud of its shell.

Constant yields with crisp brackish flavors they are hand selected to ensure that only the best bear the family name. Aaron Sweet great-grand son of John Sweet refines these shells like an Alchemist who concocts the best Scotch.

The varieties

4 varieties will enter the market in the coming months.
In the launch order you will find.

The Red Label Cocktail 2.5 ”- 3"

Good balance between the fresh taste of the ocean and sweet notes on the finish.
Red Label is easy to open with a pretty drooping shell, it will quickly be your best partner for your happy hours.

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The Yellow Label Petite 3 ’’ - 3.5 ’’

Medium in size, the Yellow label and round in the mouth, nutty notes are more present. When we want to open fewer and have more


The Blue Label Large 3.5 ’’ +

The Blue Label is the favorite of connoisseurs who like to have fun with seashells. Its dense and soft pulpit will resist cooking its deep bowl will leave you room for your most eccentric garnishes. Fans of meaty oysters will be convinced.

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XO Reserve 25 4+

The XO must be at least 6-8 years before entering the market.

Move in the bay at different heights throughout its growth it is rich in minerals and nutrients that nourish it.

The XO stands out with its large and heavy shell, an opaque pulpit with metallic gray and green reflections.


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