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Antonius Caviar Siberian 5 Star

Antonius Caviar Siberian 5 Star

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Antonius Caviar Siberian comes from females about 8 years old.

Opening the tin reveals average grains of about 2.3-2.6mm. Siberian caviar glistens with black ebony reflections and has an earthy aroma. In the mouth, its delicate, yet firm pearls overtake your mouth and leave notes of earth, minerals, and wild flora. It has a deeper, more complex sturgeon flavour. 

Latin name: Acipenser Baeri       

Common Name: Siberian Sturgeon 

Flavour: Minerals, wild flora, walnuts  

Egg size: 2.4mm

Colour: Black and grey metal 

Texture: Firm 

Cites #: BAE/C/PL/2021/0009/CA07

Country of origin: Poland

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