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Antonius Caviar Gift Set
antonius caviar
Antonius Caviar Gift Set

Antonius Caviar Gift Set

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The Antonius Caviar Oscietra and Siberian Duo is certainly the best way to discover our variety of Antonius caviar, each with their distinct flavour and character. We put these two products together to create a tasting experience that enables you to discover the differences between the species. Our Antonius Caviar Gift set is packaged in elegant gift boxes. Including the tasting spoon, caviar key, a booklet on the history of Antonius and a card signed in your name.


» The Antonius Siberian caviar 5 star with an intense aroma. It is non-pasteurized, completely natural, and produced with attention to the smallest details. A velvety texture, the diameter of the roe ranges from 2.6 mm to 2.7 mm. Traditionally prepared Siberian sturgeon caviar will crown any exceptional meeting, banquet or a dinner for two.

»The Antonius Oscietra caviar 6 star, it’s the pearl of our offer. Legendary delicacy of aristocracy. Appreciated all over the world. Served in the most prestigious restaurants and hotels. Gorgeous, saturated taste with a nutty note. A royal roe size (above 3 mm), extracted from the oldest female sturgeons. As a result, these little wonderful pearls will satisfy the most demanding caviar connoisseurs. 

How to Enjoy It?

As a caviar bump (À la Royale) or with blinis and crème fraîche
We suggest to serve your duo with sparkling wine or vodka to cleanse your palate between each taste. 

Learn more about Antonius Caviar and What is Caviar?

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