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Home Oyster Workshop
Home Oyster Workshop

Home Oyster Workshop

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Oyster tasting at home

You'd like to try oysters, but you're not sure you like it, or the right way to open them. The best way to find out and get it right is to book one of our at-home oyster workshop tasting evenings.

No need to move, we bring everything to the comfort of your home.

At Oysters & Caviar, we are oyster experts whose greatest joy is to introduce you to this luxury product.

Included in the tasting: From 3 to 4 varieties of oysters, lemon, mignonette, oyster knife (which will be left with you after the tasting)

A promo code giving you 10% off on cases of 100 units for one year

In addition: wine, vodka, champagne. 

From $59/1 dozen $99/2 dozen for 6 to 18 people.

By reservation only. Extra may apply.

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