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Glidden Point Oysters

Glidden Point Oysters

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Name: Glidden Point

Origin: Damariscotta River, Maine, USA 

Size: 3.5''+ Medium

Flavour: These oysters have a crisp salty and a distinctly rich, buttery flavour.

Farming method: Bottom culture

Farmer : Raised by Ryan McPherson, Glidden Points have been legendary for 25 years. They are bottom planted in the cold Damariscotta River and slow-grown, not harvested until 4 years of age, leading to a large, firm, strong-shelled oyster. They are one of the only oysters in the world hand-harvested by divers. One of the priciest oysters in the country, and one of the most prized.

Service ideas : Glidden's Point need to be appreciate by themselves with a nice white Chardonnay or Sauvignon. Sometimes the mignonette or splash of lemon will kick the flavours.

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