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Antonius Caviar Oscietra & Siberian Duo

Antonius Caviar Oscietra & Siberian Duo

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Indulge in Duo Caviar: A Symphony of Antonius Oscietra and Siberian Elegance

Embark on a gastronomic journey with the Antonius Caviar Oscietra and Siberian Duo, an exquisite pairing that unveils the distinct flavors and characters of two exceptional sturgeon varieties. Carefully curated to elevate your tasting experience, this duo invites you to explore the nuanced differences between the Oscietra and Siberian caviar.

Begin your journey with the Oscietra, a sensory masterpiece reminiscent of a premier cru. Its complexity unfolds with notes of earthy mushrooms, creamy butter, toasted hazelnuts, and the subtle richness of brie. Each bite introduces large, green pearls that gracefully dance on your palate, a symphony crafted to satisfy the most discerning caviar connoisseurs.

In contrast, the Siberian variety possesses a bold, invigorating kick. Its richness lingers on the palate, resonating with the intriguing fatness akin to a fine parmesan crust. The Siberian's roe, ranging from 2.6 mm to 2.7 mm, is a testament to traditional preparation, making it the crowning jewel for exceptional gatherings, banquets, or intimate dinners for two.

How to enjoy:

Experience caviar at its finest with the Caviar bump (À la Royale, on your hand), or savour it on top blinis with a dollop of crème fraîche. To enhance the tasting adventure, pair your duo with sparkling wine or vodka, offering a refreshing cleanse for your palate between each delectable bite.

Harvested February 12th Best before May 27th   

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