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Beluga Caviar

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Royal Belgian Beluga Caviar is prepared in traditional Malossol method (slightly salted) this caviar is the richest for is flavour.

With a diameter over 3.5mm, Royal Belgian Beluga is only harvested from female surgeons over 18 years old. 

Our latest arrival is from a female of 20 years old and grain size of 3.7mm.

Latin name: Huso huso

Common name: Beluga

Flavour: Delicate salty flavor followed by rich, buttery and creamy touches with an incredibly refined after-taste

Egg Size: Minimum 3,5 mm

Colour: Greyish ebony shade

Cites#: HUS/C/BE/2020/VE3098/S0920 

Country of origin: Belgium

If you want to learn more about how to serve caviar click on the link.

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