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Gold Label Oyster
Gold Label Oyster

Gold Label Oyster

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Name: Gold Label Oyster

Count per box:  25,50 and 100  

Origin: Prince Edouard Island, Cascumpec bay PE-1K

Size: 3.5'' +

Flavor: nice opaque grey meat, earthy flavor with note of seaweeds.

Farming method: Like the Blue label they both grow in suspending cages. Unfortunatly the Gold Label did not get the chance to grown smoothly as the Blue. The Gold Label get her name because of the shape of is shell who remind the gold nuggets

Farmer Aaron Sweet raises his oysters with the same passion as you would age a good scotch.Located in PEI, exactly on Oysters bay, Sweet's bivalves are full of meat because of waves that shake the cages.

Service ideas : Gold Label a rich in meat and will please the lover of full mouth. They are also fantastic to cook. 

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