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Sweetheart oyster
Sweetheart oyster
Sweetheart oyster

SweetHeart Oyster box

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Name: Sweet Heat Oyster box

Count per box:  24

Origin: Prince Edouard Island, Cascumpec bay PE-1K

Size: 12 Red Label cocktail & 12 Gold Label large

Flavor: nice opaque grey meat, earthy flavor with note of seaweeds.

Farming method:  Both grow in suspending cages.The Red label is around 2 years  and are a little bit saltier than the Gold Label who's one year older and as more sweetness. 

Farmer Aaron Sweet raises his oysters with the same passion as you would age a good scotch.Located in PEI, exactly on Oysters bay, Sweet's bivalves are full of meat because of waves that shake the cages. He put together inside is box a beautiful sample of what his farm can product

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