Who's behind Antonius Caviar?

Who's behind Antonius Caviar?


50 years of passion...

Antoine Goslawice established his first fish farm 50 years ago, with his brothers and cousins.  For 20 years they produced fish.

Then from 1990 they devoted themselves to the production of sturgeon and to selling their caviars to prestigious international brands.

In 2010 Agatha and Simon, Antoine's respective children, decide to join the family business after studying Law and Administration for Agata and marine biology for Simon.

In 2011 the children succeeded in convincing their father Antoine to produce his own brand with the most beautiful eggs that the farms gather.

In honor of the long years of passion and perseverance of Mr Goslawice, the Antonius brand was created and the Oscietre and Siberian Caviars were born.

Recognized since then for its delicacy by several chefs throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Today Simon controls the production farms, encompassing animal welfare through to end products. Agata is responsible for developing the brand around the world.

The Antonius family and their associates have been passionate and dedicated to sturgeon for over fifty years.

Today Oysters and Caviar is proud to be associated with Antonius caviar for its artisanal know-how and to introduce the true nature of unpasteurized caviar to connoisseurs and new enthusiasts of black grains over Canada.

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Antonius Caviar in a few figures

  • 2 sturgeon species The Baeri and the Guenstadie
  • 2 caviars Oscietra and the Siberian
  • 1st Caviar producer in Europe
  • 2nd Caviar producer in the world
  • 40 tons of annual production (2023)
  • 50 years of experience in fish farming
  • 30 years of experience
  • 2,700 tonnes of farmed sturgeon
  • 2,600 ha of water surface
  • 3 ultramodern farms with artesian waters and constant setting

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