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How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

We use a fast delivery service for perishable goods in 24 to 48 hours. Consult the delivery zones.

A message will be sent to you upon receipt of your order and we will tell you the estimated date of delivery.

What type of packaging do you use?

Our recyclable cardboard boxes are designed to keep your order cold for 48 hours.

What are the delivery costs?

Free delivery for orders of $ 149 or more

$ 20 for orders of $ 50 to $ 148.99

$ 15 for orders of $ 50 or less


Delivery for Montreal from Tuesday to Saturday

South Shore delivery up to Bromont on Thursday

North Shore delivery up to Mont Tremblant on Friday

Delivery everywhere in Quebec if the order is placed before noon on Wednesday. We also collaborate with Purolator and other shipping companies

When to order?

Minimum 24 hours in advance for the scheduled departure in your zone. 

(see delivery zones and days above)

It's a gift. Can you add a note?

Yes in the comment section please indicate the message you would like us to write on the card.

I need it today. What should I do ?

Send a message to


Is the fish fresh or frozen?

The fish are sold fresh. Consumable fresh and raw up to 48 hours after delivery.

Supply chain ?

Due to the fact that we work with fresh and wild products we depend on the freshness and the weather. If a product is missing due to one of these reasons we will contact you to offer you a replacement product or a refund of it.

Do you have frozen products?

Yes, some like northern shrimp, scallops. In the description of the product it is indicated whether the products are fresh or frozen.

Can the fish be frozen after reception?

Yes, it can because our fish are always fresh.

Can you send me my already frozen fish?

No we don't want it to defrost during transport.


What type of caviar do I order from

The denomination caviar is reserved for sturgeon eggs, you will find Caviars from different sturgeon species.

How many types of sturgeon?

It is important to know the different species well. Their common names and their Latin names must be affixed to each caviar you buy. In order of fame we find nc: The Beluga - nl: Huso Huso nc: L'osciétra nl: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii nc: The Siberian Acipenser baerii nc: Lake sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus nc: Shortnose sturgeon nl: Acipenser brevirostrum nc : White sturgeon nl: Acipenser transmontanus.


How long can I keep my caviar?

All our caviars are sold with a best before date. You can keep them in the coldest part of your refrigerator, but you should eat them quickly.

Can I put the caviar I haven't finished in the refrigerator?

Yes, but it should be consumed within the next 24 hours.

Are there the same species of sturgeon as Antonius in Canada?

No, the sturgeon Accipenser Baeri (Siberian) and Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Osciétra) are not wild or farmed on Canadian territory.


How much caviar do I need?

Plain cocktails: 30 gr serves 1-2 people 

50 gr serves 2-4 people 

125g serves 4-8 people

In Approval of dishes: 

30gr serves 2-4 people 

50 gr 4-8 

125gr serves 8-12 people.

How to taste caviar for the first time?

A la Royale: Nature on the palm of your hand between your thumb and forefinger. Also served with blinis and crème fraîche.

Do I really need the mother of a spoon?

We highly recommend it because metal will oxidize the caviar.


How much do I need oysters per person?

Appetizer 6-12

In a cocktail 12

In an oyster party 24-36

How long can I keep my oysters?

Your oysters were harvested less than five days ago on average, they remain alive for three weeks.

Store them in a bowl with a damp cloth over them.

How do I know if my oysters are still good?

A fresh, juicy oyster with no unpleasant smell. A pleasant sea scent on the nose.

How to open oysters?

Follow us on facebook where you will find demonstration videos.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.