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Oyster and Blue Cheese Crumble

For 2 people 24 Oysters  150g Bleu d'Elizabeth  4 tps of Panko ( bread crumbs) 2 tps of Julienne Chorizo or Jesus dry sausage  Open your oysters and place them on a metal tray. Inside a bowl crumble your Bleu d'Elizabeth cheese, mix it gently with the bread crumbs and the julienne of Chorizo Put a tablespoon on top on each oyster and put it to broil for around 8 to 10 minutes, or until a nice crispy skin forms. Bon appétit! 

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Rockefeller Oyster

For 2  25 Sweet Bottom Oysters  5 oz of baby spinach  1 small onion  1 garlic glove  2 tsp. of cooked bacon  1 tsp of Pernaud or Ricard(anise liquor) half a cup of heavy cream  Religieuse or Taliah cheese    Chop onion and garlic, sauté with oil or butter  Chop bacon, add Add the spinach  Deglaze with Pernaud or white wine Let it reduce  Pour the cream on top and let it reduce by half During that time, open your oysters and grate your cheese Place your oysters on a metal tray and place some rockefeller mix on top of each oyster, the equivalent of a soup spoon. As for the cheese, you can grated it or put a square...

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The perfect Clam Chowder recipe

For 2  2-3 medium size new potatoes, or 4-6 fingerling 1 small onion  1 garlic glove 1 celery branch  1 leek  3-4oz of pancetta diced 2 tsp of butter salt, pepper, & bay leaf  2 tsp of flour  1/2 cup of white wine  1 cup of milk 1.5 cup of Atlantic bar clams and juice Cut in 1 inches cubes all your vegetables, start by simmering them at medium heat without coloration, with the pancetta, butter, salt and pepper for about ten minutes. Before you add the white wine, add the flour to make a small roux, that will help bring it all together later.  Deglaze with wine and let it boil for 2 minutes. Pour the clam juice from the jar and add the milk. Let it simmer...

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