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Discover our exceptional caviar collection, all sourced legally and traceably. Free express shipping on all caviar-only orders above $149!

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    We use the fastest shipping option available on all perishable orders. Products are packed in isothermal boxes with medical grade ice packs. We strive to personally deliver orders in the Greater Montreal area.

  • Sustainable and traceable

    Antonius Caviar is CITES certified and is sustainably farmed. CITES regulates global caviar trade by imposing restrictions on endangered sturgeon and paddlefish species to prevent overexploitation and ensure conservation.

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    Talk to an expert with over 20 years of experience in seafood and caviar. Call 1-855-293-0300 for top picks and advice. We're available from 9 AM to 5 PM EST, Mon - Fri.



At Oysters & Caviar, we work directly with oyster farmers, carefully selecting the freshest harvests each week.

FX and Steph

Our Story

Step into the world of Oysters & Caviar, founded by former chef François-Xavier and his wife, Stephanie. 

FX's love for seafood, rooted in his childhood in southern France, blossomed as he became a chef. Stephanie, equally passionate, refined her culinary skills in Chicago. Their paths united in St. Louis, leading them to Montréal in 2004. Now, they balance raising three children with delivering Oysters & Caviar to you.

FX and Stephanie, both seasoned chefs, are the driving force behind Oysters & Caviar. With two decades of culinary experience, they are dedicated to elevating dining experiences through exquisite flavours and quality. Their curated selection, sourced from suppliers sharing their passion and values, is delivered directly to your doorstep. They appreciate personal connection and view each customer as unique, with distinct tastes and culinary stories.

At Oysters & Caviar, quality is paramount. More than an online store, but a world where oysters and caviar take center stage, and extraordinary culinary experiences await.

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A wide selection of high-quality, refined servers and utensils specifically designed for oysters and caviar.