Our story

Steph and FX doing a caviar bump

Step into the world of Oysters & Caviar, where former chef François-Xavier, embarks on a culinary odyssey alongside his wife and partner, Stephanie.

FX's passion for seafood started in his childhood in southern France, where he spent many hours by the sea.  His love for seafood only grew stronger as he honed his skills as a chef.  Individually, they were destined for greatness in the realm of gastronomy. While one aspired to master the art of French cuisine, the other honed her skills at culinary school in Chicago. It was in the city of St. Louis where their paths crossed, and together, they ventured to the vibrant culinary hub of Montréal in 2004. Today, their days are filled with the joyful chaos of raising three young children and delivering Oysters & Caviar to you!

FX and Steph

The combined expertise of FX and Stephanie, seasoned chefs turned seafood connoisseurs, forms the backbone of Oysters & Caviar. With over two decades in the culinary industry, their journey reflects a devotion to enhancing dining experiences through exquisite flavors and quality. Their expertise lies in providing exceptional culinary discoveries, and they are excited about sharing their knowledge with their customers. At Oysters & Caviar, you will find a curated selection of products sourced only from like-minded suppliers who share the same passion and values. These culinary wonders are then delivered straight to your doorstep, eliminating the barriers of distance and time. They believe in the power of personal connection. To them, you are not just a faceless customer; you have a name, a story, and a discerning palate.

As specialists, not generalists, they hold quality as the pinnacle of luxury, dedicating themselves to ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Oysters & Caviar is not just an online store, but a world where oysters and caviar reign supreme, and extraordinary culinary experiences await.

Counterfeit caviar, misleading labels, and unsustainable fishing practices run rampant in today's world, but Oysters & Caviar is pioneering a new experience for discerning customers like you. We emphasize traceability, freshness, and consistency by partnering with the best niche brands in the world who share the same level of commitment to quality. Our relationships with Antonius Caviar, East Cape Oysters, Trikalinos, Gillardeau, and many others ensure the luxury you expect. 

Oysters & Caviar makes the process even easier and more convenient by offering online ordering. Based in Montreal, our personalized service supports local delivery and even offers a beautiful showroom for pick-up orders Tuesday-Saturday. Whether at home or on holiday, we collaborate with transporters to serve customers throughout Canada, with customers from Prince Edward Island to Vancouver, so you can rely on us for any of your needs.