The Story of Antonius Caviar

The family behind Antonius Caviar
Antonius Caviar is a renowned family-owned company, deeply rooted in many years of breeding traditions. The company's journey in fish breeding started decades ago with Antoni Łakomiak, whose name inspired the brand, Antonius Caviar. This was a tribute by the company’s employees to honor his significant contributions. Antoni's children carried on his legacy, refining the practices of global aquaculture. This legacy has extended to multi-generational families, creating a close-knit community within the company, characterized by hard work, a sincere concern for fish welfare, and a deep respect for nature.
The brand, established in 2014, is the culmination of many years of dedicated sturgeon breeding and a decade of intensive preparation. It emerged from the extensive knowledge of its employees and robust cooperation with scientists, focusing on every detail to produce a caviar that is cherished by gourmets worldwide. Antonius Caviar has risen to prominence, becoming the first caviar producer in Europe and the second globally.
Antonius Caviar Farm
With 50 years of experience, the company has become a powerhouse in caviar production. The Antonius Caviar team comprises a diverse group of enthusiasts, including fishermen, ichthyologists, food technologists, biologists, and scientists, whose collective efforts and attention to detail contribute to the exceptional quality of the product. The employees' commitment, their passion for fish and caviar, and their dedication to the farm's structure are the pillars of the company.
Unique in its approach, Antonius Caviar is one of the few companies globally that source roe exclusively from its own farms. This control over the production process ensures consistent quality. The company operates three farms with varying water parameters, allowing fish to migrate between different ecosystems, akin to their natural migration patterns.
The company adheres to traditional methods, producing only fresh, unpasteurized caviar from sturgeon eggs that haven't ovulated yet. This results in a silky smooth texture and a delicate melting sensation on the palate, different from the 'pop' of pasteurized products. Every tin of Antonius Caviar is crafted using the traditional “Malossol” method, involving minimal salt addition. The production, entirely handcrafted, is overseen by technologists trained by world-renowned Caviar Masters, emphasizing the artistry and craftsmanship in their work.
The production facility of Antonius Caviar is among the most modern in the world, adhering to strict standards. The company places a high value on hygiene and production safety, certified by the IFS Food Standard and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. This commitment to quality and safety underscores their responsibility towards their product.
Caviar production
Antonius Caviar facilities
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