Oyster of the Month for November 2022: The Sand Dune

Oyster of the Month for November 2022: The Sand Dune

November is the month of madness with the various celebrations in this month leading up to the end of the year. It’s no different at Oysters & Caviar with our various Christmas orders already starting. We believe it is important to relax and get together and dive into the oysters. As our name is Oysters & Caviar, we have to set an example and introduce you to a variety of products.  So we are continuing our “Oyster of the Month” series. After the Gowanbrae, the Eastern Gales, here is the Sand Dune from the Eastern Cape Oyster Company.

As oyster specialists, we want to share with you some of our favourite products and help you discover different flavour profiles. Whether it’s salty, more vegetal, Maritime or Western Canadian, you’ll find all kinds. 

The Sand Dune by East Cape Oyster Company

The Sand Dune is recognizable by their bright green shell. When you open the shell, you will find a fleshy oyster with a metallic sheen and a subtle scent of seaweed.

They are cultivated at the bottom of the bay almost as wild oysters would be. The Sand Dune oysters are naturally rocked by the tide, which gives them depth and thick shells and are picked the old-fashioned way with a rake.

Get your Sand Dune now

Why not try it with caviar, it’s a wonderful addition!

Who is the East Cape Oyster Company 

Like their oysters, they are a product of the humble environment in which they grew up on Prince Edward Island. As a close-knit team, led by founder Phil Enserink, East Cape Oysters Company has a shared passion for growing delicious, sustainable food and loves nothing more than a good day’s work on the water.

We also have an East Cape Oyster package if you would like to experience all three varieties of East Cape Oyster Company oysters, including, of course, our oyster of the month, the Sand Dune.  

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