Oyster of the Month for September 2022: The Gowanbrae

Oyster of the Month for September 2022: The Gowanbrae

The start of the new season for you and for us is the time for new products. As our name is Oysters & Caviar, we have to set an example and introduce you to a variety of products.   We are therefore starting with a new series that will continue throughout the year, the “Oyster of the Month.”

As oyster specialists, we want to share the products that we particularly like and we want to help you discover different flavour profiles. Whether it’s salty, herbal, Maritime or Western Canadian, you’ll discover all kinds. 

The Gowanbrae from the East Cape Oyster Company 

The Gowanbrae oysters are named after the area where they are grown, near the head of the Souris River, Gowan Brae. 

When you taste them, you’ll discover a crisp, briny flavour profile with a soft, sweet finish. They are grown in floating cages on the surface and mature in 3 to 4 years. 

Although they are grown in close proximity to the Sand Dunes variety, also from East Cape Oysters Company, they have a completely different flavour profile and blond shell colour due to their method of cultivation and the different nutrients present at the surface of the water column.

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Who is the East Cape Oyster Company? 

Like their oysters, they are a product of the humble environment in which they grew up in Prince Edward Island. As a close-knit team, led by founder Phil Enserink, East Cape Oysters Company has a shared passion for growing delicious, sustainable food and loves nothing more than a good day’s work on the water.

We also have an East Cape Oyster Discovery Box if you would like to experience all three varieties of East Cape Oyster Company oysters, including, of course, our oyster of the month, the Gowanbrae. 

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