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Who's behind Antonius?

50 years of passion... Antoine Goslawice established his first fish farm 50 years ago, with his brothers and cousins.  For 20 years they produced fish. Then from 1990 they devoted themselves to the production of sturgeon and to selling their caviars to prestigious international brands. In 2010 Agatha and Simon, Antoine's respective children, decide to join the family business after studying Law and Administration for Agata and marine biology for Simon. In 2011 the children succeeded in convincing their father Antoine to produce his own brand with the most beautiful eggs that the farms gather. In honor of the long years of passion and perseverance of Mr Goslawice, the Antonius brand was created and the Oscietre and Siberian Caviars were...

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Caviar 101

CAVIAR 101 What type of caviar do I order from The denomination caviar is reserved for sturgeon eggs, you will find Caviars from different sturgeon species only. Why should you buy caviar that comes from the production farm only? Caviar, like luxury products often, is counterfeit. Coming directly from the farm, only the producer has touched your caviar and stamped it with his CITES code. Learn how to read the CITES code.  How many types of sturgeon? There is around 25 species of sturgeon around the world that's why it's important to know what you buy.Their common names and their Latin names must be affixed to each caviar you buy. nc: The Beluga - ln: Huso Huso nc: L'osciétra ln:...

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