What does CITES mean?

Today we are talking to you about CITES, it is an important certification that we have on our Antonius Caviar, as the sturgeons are an endangered species. 

What does CITES mean?

CITES is the acronym for Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, translated into French as Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora.

Since when ?

Since 1967 voted at the United Nations under the World Conservation Union convention.

Only sturgeon need CITES certification?

No, sturgeons entered the endangered species list in 1998.

Overfishing of sturgeon in the various estuaries of the Caspian Sea of ​​Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and the Aquitaine Basin has harmed the species, which produced 80% of world production.

The sturgeon is part of an established list of 37,000 species distributed at 78% for fauna and 22% for flora.

Since the caviar that we find on the international market comes from aquaculture farms.

Is it mandatory?

Yes, any exporter and importer must show the certificates at the time of the transaction.

It must be displayed on each package of products requiring a CITES number, including caviar.

What does CITES Certification guarantee me?

CITES certification is a guarantee for 3 important factors when purchasing:

Legality, sustainability and traceability.

What information does the CITES number give?

The CITES number consists of several series of numbers and letters which gives you the following indications.

Example of CITES number on our Siberian Antonius caviar packed at the production farm in Olsztyn, Poland.


  • BAE The first 3 letters of the species (always in Latin) * see our sturgeon table
  • C origin code C= farmed
  • PL country of origin
  • 2016 production date
  • 0009 processing plant number 
  • 1234 lot number 

 Example of a CITES number for a reconditioned caviar in another country.


  •  BAE The first 3 letters of the species (always in Latin) * see our sturgeon table
  • C origin code C= farmed
  • PL country of origin
  • 2016 production date
  • IT reconditioned country code
  • 0009 reconditioned processing plant number 
  • 1234 lot number 

Know how to read the country code

  • CN : China
  • FR : France
  • IR : Iran
  • IT : Italy
  • RU : Russia
  • US : United-States
  • BE : Belgian
  • UY : Uruguay

Know how to read the sturgeon species ?

  • BAE : Acipenser Baerii (Siberian caviar)
  • GUE : Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii ( Oscietra caviar)
  • HUS : Huso Huso (Beluga caviar)
  • NAC : Acipenser Naccarii
  • SCH : Acipenser Schrenckii
  • STE : Acipenser Stellatus (Sevruga caviar)
  • TRA : Acipenser Transmontanus

Know how to read subspecies in Latin (hybrid)

  • BAExGUE: Acipenser Baerii-Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii
  • GUExSTE: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii- Acipenser Stellatus
  • HUSxBAE: Huso Huso-Acipenser Baerii


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