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Foxley River Oysters

Foxley River Oysters

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Name: Foxley River Select Oysters 

Count per box:  50 or  100

Origin: Prince Edouard Island, Cascumpec bay PE-1K

Size: 2,5" Cocktail

Flavor: Good balance between fresh ocean taste and sweet notes to finish.  This oyster is full of meat and great to cook with.

Farming method: top feeding on cage.

Farmer Martin O'Brien Located in PEI, exactly on Oyster Bay, Martin's Oysters are full of meat because he pass the oysters more than anyone i the drum. Fully sustainable

Service ideas : Cascumpec are fun to use in the kitchen to serve with caviar, beef tartar, bbq, and much more. 

Cascumpec is the large version of the Foxley River 

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