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Cascumpec Oysters

Cascumpec Oysters

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Name: Cascumpec Select Oysters 

Producer: Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co.

Origin: Prince Edward Island, Cascumpec Bay PE-1K

Size: Large: 3″ +

Flavour: They have a round, heavy, cocoa-brown shell with a lovely glistening meat. While the taste profile of oysters can vary with environmental factors, these oysters generally have a sweet and mild-briny flavour.

Farming method: Top feeding on the cage.

Farmer: Mr. Martin O'Brien is the owner of Cascumpec Bay Oyster. Co, located in the Cascumpec Bay in Prince Edward Island.

Mr. O’Brien oysters are grown using the OysterGro® system which is a floating rack method that allows the oysters to feed from the top 4″—10″ of water, which happens to be where the most nutrients are. Their oysters are full of meat because of this method. Their fully sustainable oysters are made with true love.

Service ideas: Enjoy with fresh grated horseradish, hot sauce, or lemon.

If you enjoy a smaller size shell, the Foxley River oyster is the cocktail version of the Cascumpec, 

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