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Blue lobster Rillette 100g

Blue lobster Rillette 100g

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Cooked from Blue Lobster (Breton Lobster), considered the finest of crustaceans, discover the tender and refined flesh of Lobster (30%) through this recipe that will delight fine gourmets.

FLAVOUR: Seasoned with Kari Gosse, a blend of spices well known to gourmets, find the fine and delicate taste of Lobster in the mouth. Created in Lorient in the 19th century, Kari Gosse is a blend of spices with an invigorating scent.

Ingredients : Lobster 30% (47%), liquid cream, haddock , shallots, carrot, butter, milk flour salt, pepper, garlic, Karri gosse.*Origin North East Atlantic Ocean

May contain traces of mollusk, celery, crustaceans.

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