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Caviar Siberian

Antonius Caviar Siberian & Oscietra Gift Box

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Find in our Antonius box, two caviars with distinct character.

Oscietra caviar has a delicate fragrance, reminiscent of cream and noisette. In the mouth the firm pearls roll on the tongue before exploding on the palate, at this time the delicate flavours of butter and minerals remain in the mouth.

Siberian caviar glistens with black ebony reflections and has an earthy aroma. In the mouth, its delicate pearls overtake your mouth and leave notes of earth, minerals, and wild flora. 

Enjoy it straight or with blinis and crème fraîche. 

Serve with bubbles or vodka to cleanse your palate between each taste. 

Free delivery, arrives in a gift box, with a mother of pearl spoon and personalized card!

Cites #: BAE/C/PL/2021/0009/CA01

Country of origin: Poland

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