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Gillardeau Oysters #4

Gillardeau Oysters #4

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Name: Gillardeau 

Count per box:  12, 24 & 48

Origin: La Rochelle, France 

Size: #4 Medium

Flavour: Good balance between fresh ocean taste and sweet seaweed notes to finish. This oyster is full of meat and mineral flavour.

Farming method: Oysters beds. The oysters develop in Normandy for their first two years, then finish their growth in the salt ponds of Marenne-Oleron.

Farm: Throughout the farming process, Gillardeau oysters receive the best care. They undergo various changes throughout the farming process thereby improving their growth and flavour to their degree of perfection. These various manipulations provide an oyster of high-quality, with generous flesh and unique taste. All these assets contribute to make Gillardeau oysters a renowned product, carrying the signature engraved logo on each shell.

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