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Oysters Discovery Box

Oysters Discovery Box

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We selected our favourite oysters varieties from the province of Prince Edward Island

The best way to know with one you like the most for your next oysters party

With this selection we offer you the chance to compare how the growing area can influence the flavour. This Discovery Box also include an 3" oyster knife. 

  • Wild East cape
  • Sand Dune   3'' 
  • Gowanbrae  2.5'' 
  • East cape cocktail

Name: Oysters Discovery Box 

Origin: Prince Edward Island: Murray Bay and Souris Bay.

Size: Cocktail, Medium and Large

Flavour: Four distinct oyster varieties with different flavour for each of them. The flavour is influence by the height where the oysters grow and the area. 

Farming method: Top feeding cages and bottom oyster. 

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