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Sea Salt Bottarga Breeze

Sea Salt Bottarga Breeze

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What is this?

This fantastic product combines dehydrated, crispy bottarga grains with sea salt in a ceramic grinder.

It is an all-natural product without preservatives and a pleasant taste.

What makes Trikalinos Sea Salt Bottarga Breeze so special?

It is an innovation, both in the conception of the harmonious combination of the ingredients and in the easy and practical use of the cardboard mill, which protects and keeps the final product in the right conditions throughout its life.

Enjoy: Ideal for bringing the deliciousness and “sea breeze” to all your recipes, combining them with the excellent and delicate taste of Trikalinos Bottarga. Two or three twists of the grinder on top of your dishes are enough to adequately season your food, imparting a subtle “sea breeze.”

Store in a cool and dry place.

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