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Trikalinos Bottarga Powder
Trikalinos Bottarga Powder

Trikalinos Bottarga Powder

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What is this? 

Dehydrated, grated Bottarga. Natural product without preservatives, with nutritional value and a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste.

What makes Trikalinos Bottarga POWDER so special? 

Trikalinos Grey Mullet Roe Bottarga POWDER is produced exclusively from Grey Mullet Roe, recognized as the best raw material for Avgotaraho production.


Use it as “salt & pepper” (just a pinch) before serving: it will enhance the aroma of boiled and grilled fish and make them a dish worthy of Michelin stars. Even a plain seafood or vegetable risotto will take off, both as far as taste and presentation are concerned, with “Trikalinos Bottarga POWDER”.

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40g jar

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