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Wild caviar from Quebec

Wild caviar from Quebec

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Wild Caviar from Quebec,

St Peter lake is one of the last in Canada and in the World to own a permit to fish wild sturgeon and products caviar with it. With two productions per year one in spring and one at the end of summer make this caviar pretty rare. The production still artisanal the caviar is sold in 114g mason jars frozen.

We are very lucky to have will caviar still in Quebec and who know all long it will stay like this.

Latin name: Acipencer fulvescens      

Common Name: Yellow Sturgeon 

Flavour: Sea-weed and minerals Quebec caviar as the test of the terroir.

Egg size: 2.2mm

Colour: Black and ebony 

Texture: soft 

Country of origin: Canada, Quebec, St Peter Lake 

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