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Caviar Oscietra
Antonius Caviar Oscietra 6 Star

Antonius Caviar Oscietra 6 Star

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Antonius Oscietra Caviar comes from a female of about 12 years old. When you open the tin, it reveals grains 3+ mm wide with reflections of jade. Its delicate fragrance is reminiscent of cream and noisette. In the mouth it rolls on the tongue before melting on the palate, at this time the delicate flavours of butter and minerals remain in the mouth.

It is often called feminine caviar for its delicacy, and is appreciated with fine bubbles.

Latin name: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii       

Common Name: Russian Sturgeon 

Flavour: Butter, minerals, hazelnuts

Egg size: 3 mm

Colour: Golden brown with hints of jade 

Texture: roll on your tongue 

Cites #: GUE/C/PL/2021/0009/CA07

Country of origin: Poland


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