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Antonius Caviar Siberian

Antonius Caviar Siberian

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The Antonius Caviar Siberian come from sturgeon around eight years old.

The Siberian variety possesses a bold, invigorating kick. Its richness lingers on the palate, resonating with the intriguing fatness akin to a fine parmesan crust. The Siberian's roe, ranging from 2.6 mm to 2.7 mm, is a testament to traditional preparation, making it the crowning jewel for exceptional gatherings, banquets, or intimate dinners for two.

  • Latin name: Acipenser Baeri 
  • Common Name: Siberian Sturgeon
  • Flavour: Minerals, wild flora, walnut
  • Egg size: 2.6mm+
  • Colour: Black and grey metal 
  • Texture: Melting   
  • Cites #: BAE/C/PL/2023/0009/CA02
  • Country of origin: Poland
  • Harvested April 04th 2024- Best Before July 2024
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